This is THE solution to finally feel like your empath nature is a GIFT, not a curse...

Think you'll never be in control of how much pain and suffering you take on? Think again!

In only 5 Days, you'll: 

-  BE In control of how much energy you take on, 
 - Know what your gifts are (and how to use them), 
 - and be a force for good in the world without  burning out! 
Join thousands of people around the globe who are already using these practices to stop taking on ALL the suffering in the world, and finally feel like being an empath is a gift, not a curse!

In this challenge, I help you solve the 10 problems EVERY empath faces: 

(Do any of these sound familiar?)

  • Feeling ALL the pain and suffering of the world all the time, resulting in overwhelm and exhaustion....
  • ​Feeling like a doormat, never able to say "no" to anyone's request for help and having NO boundaries of any kind...
  • ​​Giving so much of your time, energy, and money to others that you are broke - emotionally, energetically, spiritually, and even financially...
  • ​Feeling like there is something wrong with you (likely because you were called "weak," "too sensitive," "crybaby," or were bullied for being the kind one)...
  • ​Feeling like your empath nature is a curse, because you feel EVERYTHING so deeply and can't turn it off...
  • ​Having to have a zillion "coping mechanisms" just to get through the day (ever hid under your covers because you couldn't take one more bit of anyone else's energy? That's a coping mechanism.)
  • ​Feeling like your mood is going up and down erratically (it's probably not you - it's other's energy you are absorbing)
  • ​Feeling like an energy vending machine - people need their "hit" or "fix" of your energy, because you make them feel better
  • ​Attracting narcissistic or draining relationships - seeing others' "potential" and thinking YOU are going to "save them" (been there, done that, got the shirt! 😂)
  • ​Getting mysterious pains or illnesses that don't seem to have any medical reason - or that go away when you leave a certain person.
If this sounds familiar, don't worry – you're NOT alone and there is NOTHING wrong with you.
 The Empathic Badass Challenge's sole purpose is to help you become an empowered, energized empath, with all the tools to help the world AND live an amazing life!  
(And to have a community of other empaths to support and welcome you, too!) 
Here's how it works...
  • When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to Day 1's training and practices. You can begin to implement the practice for IMMEDIATE results (look below for some recent responses to just Day 1!)
  • Each day for 5 days,  you will learn and start implementing a life-changing skill for being an unstoppable empath.
  • ​You'll practice the skill during the training itself.  There is also a downloadable audio practice so you can access that skill at home (or anytime you need it!).
  • ​We will build on each day's skill, so you will have a simple, QUICK daily practice that is only minutes in the morning and evening (with UNBELIEVABLE results).
  • ​You will feel stunningly energized and empowered after the FIRST DAY (seriously!!!). 
  • ​By the end of 5 days, you will finally stop taking on everyone else's energy and have energy for yourself - AND to do the good you truly want to do in this world! 
Here's what you'll learn in this 
life-changing 5 day intensive...

Day 1:

Claim your empath gifts and protect your energy! 

Ready to stop taking on ALL the pain and suffering of the world? 

In this super-powerful training, you'll learn:

❤️ The science behind being an empath (and it's not "woo woo" or weird - there is a biological reason for it!) 
❤️ How to tune in to how YOUR body tells you when you are picking up energy and emotions...
❤️ My specialized and powerful practice to set energetic and emotional boundaries in a few minutes a day, allowing you to control how much you pick up and to protect your energy all day long! 

(In just this first hour, you will feel SO much better!!)

Day 2:

Be present and rooted. 

As an empath, you are likely connected more to other's experience of life than your own. 

This can cause you to be severely drained and unable to make clear, positive decisions for your own life (or have boundaries!). 

In this training, you'll learn:
❤️  How to pull your energy back into your own body...
❤️  How to make sure you are securely rooted so you feel secure, safe, and centered, even when dealing with difficult external emotions or situations.

Day 3:

Aware - How to Use Your Abilities with Purpose and Power

Here, you'll learn my super-powerful 4 step process become a fully aware, empowered empath and stop leaking energy all over the place! 

❤️ Learn how to know whose emotions you are picking up (even in large groups or crowded spaces)...
❤️  Know for sure what you are supposed to do with what you are feeling...
❤️  Become empowered to put down anything you are not intended to carry or act on!

This day will bring amazing power and energy to your WHOLE life. 

Day 4:

Loving and Trusting Your Empath Gifts

As an empath, you've likely taken on a lot of difficult or negative beliefs about who you are and your empath nature. 

From people calling you "weak" or "too sensitive" to telling you that it's "woo-woo" to trust your empathic "hits," this not only can block your strongest use of this soul gift, but it also depletes you of energy and the ability to create a life that is authentic to yourself. 

In this practice, you'll learn to LOVE  and TRUST your empath nature - and from that love, to create and receive a life that is supportive of you, authentic, and empowered.

Day 5:

Disconnect and Clear

Do you find yourself unable to fall asleep, with images and emotions running through your brain?
Do you toss and turn, waking up unrefreshed?

In the final day, you'll learn the ESSENTIAL skills to:
❤️ Disconnect from everything at the end of the day and...
❤️ Release any build up of emotions, pain, suffering, or anything else from your body.

This will allow you to sleep better, release other's pain, and wake clear, healthy, and refreshed.

AND - you get these amazing BONUSES!!!! 

Bonus #1

Personalized Practices to Super-Charge Your Results ($99 value!)

All the practices in the world won't work for you if they don't work in the way you learn best. 

For instance, and auditory learner won't have great results with visual exercises...leading to frustration and failure.

Not a worry with the Empathic Badass challenge!

You'll take my ground-breaking test to identify your strongest learning style, and then be led through the process of developing tools to work for you - and ONLY you! 

Bonus #2

Shield & Microshield to Give EXTRA Protection 
($12 value!)

For every empath, there are parts of your body where you more easily take in energy around you (you'll identify those on Day 1). 

That's a good thing - and with the rest of the challenge, you'll learn how to use that information.

BUT - there are areas that can be vulnerable to taking in TOO much emotion, pain, or energy - leaving you feeling too much and fully drained. This bonus practice allows you to put extra protection right where you need it, putting YOU in charge of how much you choose to take on each day! 

Bonus #3

Ebook: The Flow Method to Help You Break Old Patterns and Live the Life of Your Dreams ($10 value!)

If there is ONE thing that I see ALL the time with empaths it's that we have a really hard time feeling that we truly deserve to have an incredible life for ourselves. 

However, you can't help as much as you would like if you are barely scraping by, or if you keep having the same negative experiences over and over, or if you are dealing with pain and disease.

My book is designed to help you to pinpoint the exact underlying beliefs causing you issues in 7 areas of your mind, body, and life, then to take you through the simple, personalized process of shifting everything.

The result? A life YOU love to live with relationships with people who support and love you and with the energy you need to help more people (and yourself!)!

Bonus #4

Releasing Anxiety and Worry for a Good Night's Sleep ($12 value!)

Do you have a hard time putting down worry and anxiety at the end of the day? 

Do you toss and turn at night, waking unrefreshed?

It's common for empaths to be unable to shut things down at the end of the day, leading to lack of sleep and burn out.

This guided meditation is designed to be used at bedtime, and will allow you to sleep well and wake refreshed. 

Bonus #5

Identifying and Releasing Energetic Vampires 
($111 value!)

As empaths, we attract energetic vampires (EVs) like crazy (especially when we don't have these practices in place!).

Knowing WHO is draining your energy is a critical bit of information for your overall wellbeing, energy, and life. 

In this bonus training, you'll learn how to identify EVs and what you can do to protect your energy from them so you stay healthy, happy, and energized.

Bonus #6

Membership in the Private Empathic Badass Community

For far too long, empaths have felt alone and misunderstood.

Not anymore! Thanks to technology and this great community, you can connect with other empaths just like you from around the world! 

Get support. Get advice. Offer advice. 
You belong here.

Bonus #7

$222 off my Master the Matrix Certification

I am on a mission to help empaths live their life purpose and help the world - with tools that empower them to make radical change in other's lives AND create an amazing life for themselves. 

To do that, I have created a first-of-it's-kind practitioner certification, where being an empath is the #1 qualification! 

If you end up wanting to become certified and are accepted into the program, you will have $222 off the cost of the certification course! 

AND - here's my


If you don't love it, simply let me know. I'll refund your money, no questions asked - AND you can keep access to the practices and bonuses!

Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Check out this response immediately after Day 1's training! 👇

And more incredible reviews! 👇

"Before I worked with Tara, I was a bundle of nervous energy, exhausted all the time, and couldn't stop helping - even if I was worn out. 

In our first time working together, I finally felt understood. 

In just a few days, I felt like I knew what to do with my empath gifts. I am so grateful to you! "

Joan L. - Hartford, Connecticut
"I really don't have words for what you've done for me.

My whole life, I thought I was crazy. I felt things no one else felt. My family told me I was over-sensitive.

I finally understand that I am just an empath! And that's not crazy! 

I am so grateful to feel like I know who I am and what I can do in the world now. Thank you Tara!"
Darryl A.  -  San Francisco, California

You don't have to keep feeling exhausted...

You CAN learn to control your empath nature, use it for good without burning out, AND have energy and goodness for your own life for about the price of a latte. 


*$37 for a very limited time; after that, it will go back to the normal price of $99

Is there a guarantee?
Yep, there sure is. If you don't love this for whatever reason, just let me know. I'll refund you the $37, no questions asked.
What will you get from the Empathic Badass Program?
  • You'll know exactly how to control how much emotion and energy you take on. (No more need for coping mechanisms, like hiding in the bathroom or cancelling plans!)
  • You'll have the ability to pull your energy back from situations and people that drain you. 
  • You'll know whether or not you need to help. 
  • You'll set healthy boundaries (energetically and otherwise).
  • ​You will have energy for yourself and your life! 
  • ​You'll be able to use your gifts to help the world WITHOUT burning out!
  • ​You'll embody strength and purpose, allowing a positive flow of energy from you to others without being drained or exhausted. 
  • ​You'll finally feel like you are living your life purpose.
This is the solution to finally feel like your empath nature is a GIFT, not a curse.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose....and your whole life to gain back!

A little about me... 

I always knew I was different...I felt things differently than other kids. I noticed sounds and energy in ways that no one else did. I couldn't stand anyone being unkind - I would stand up to the bullies on behalf of other kids (often turning the bullies on me)...it wasn't fun, but I would rather have someone be mean to me than be mean to someone else. 

As I grew, I knew that I would get overwhelmed by things at a whole different level. I also somehow picked up other people's pain and disease, and I had a sense of the connection between what they were experiencing, their life experiences/traumas, and unconscious thinking.

After developing chronic fatigue syndrome from trying to carry TOO much of everything - other people's issues and pain and worries and everything else - and being told that it was "incurable," I knew I had to get to work figuring all of this out. 
After studying pretty much everything I could get my hands on, I made a discovery that is the core of my mind-body-life transformation program, The Flow Method. My first book, The Flow Method: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation, became an Amazon bestseller, won national awards, and helped people around the world. 

AND - I healed myself of chronic fatigue! 

I then went on to figure out how to get more control of my empath nature, because I was SERIOUSLY blowing myself out in working with people as a healing practitioner. I didn't know how to disconnect from my client's pain and illness after we were done, and I didn't know how to not carry their issues - and results - ALL the time.

That's when I developed the tools that I am showing you in the Empathic Badass. When I put these in place, EVERYTHING changed. I finally felt able to help people - MANY more people - without burning out. I had healthy boundaries without really trying. I had energy for myself. I honored who I am and was able to use my empath nature as a gift! 

In the meantime, I have also created the Body Language: Deciphering Your Body's Clues so You Can Heal program, helping people translate the message behind their pain and illness and get on the path to healing. AND I finally developed my dual certification program - Master the Matrix - and am now certifying empaths to be able to do this work as well, showing them how to use their gifts to help heal the world while creating an amazing career for themselves! 

In my free time, you will find me joyfully spending time with my soulmate-husband and our little starchild...and you'll sometimes find me off doing a taekwondo competition, too. 

It's my joy to be able to work with empaths and help them become who they are truly intended to be...thanks for being here, and I look forward to helping you, too. ❤️

Ready to learn everything you need to be an empowered empath?

you don't have to suffer for one more instant! 

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